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Students at Solomon Schechter Take Home First Prize at Science Competition

January 23, 2014 – Marlboro, New Jersey – Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Monmouth County is pleased to announce that a team of seventh and eighth graders won first place at the Monmouth University Stars Science Competition. The Solomon Schechter team, led by Mr. Bill McCurdy, was awarded $1,000, to be used to purchase materials for the science classroom.

The Stars Challenge is a science enrichment program for top middle school students that focuses on real-world problems, held at Monmouth University every year. The competition has groups of four or more students, along with a teacher, identify a problem around their schools and come up with a feasible solution for it. The process includes research, hypotheses, planning, implementing a procedure and analyzing the results.

McCurdy said that he was proud of his team. “My role as a teacher is to show how there are no problems, only solutions,” said McCurdy. “I want my students to ask questions and find answers, and if a solution doesn’t work, to find a new one. That’s what the students did at the competition, and it was a great thing for them.”

Head of School, Yoti Yarhi, shared similar sentiments, adding, “One of our goals is to develop creativeness in our students. This competition not only allowed the students to think outside the box, it promoted teamwork, developed leadership skills, and celebrated science.”

Members of the SSDS Stars Challenge Team are: Elana Bohm, Alia Baron, Adam Ben-Harush, Asher Clissold, Josh Cooperman, Romi David, Casey Grafstein, Kylie Heering, Zachary Howard, Aaron Lombardi, Eyal Namerode, Myles Natenzon, Morgan Peller, Hannah Reznik, Sarah Schornstein, Emily Schwadron, Rebecca Teaman, and Ben Weiss.

The Stars Science Competition is sponsored by Monmouth University, The Stars Challenge and Commvault, which provided the prizes.

Solomon Schechter Day School is recognized in the community for its excellent academic
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